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#42: Buying a House Together January 14, 2011

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My husband and I are buying our first house!  We are not spring chickens either.  We are both very excited to be buying a house.  We want to live in it together for a long time.  We are in our late 40s now so we see ourselves being in the house forever.  Or until we can no longer take care of ourselves.  I think the process is exciting for anyone, but I think when you wait longer to do something, it sometimes feels like a bigger achievement.  Like going to school later in life.  It often means that you got past various hurdles and are finally achieving a goal or dream.  Please pray for us!  We have our inspection tomorrow.


2 Responses to “#42: Buying a House Together”

  1. kaylaacarter Says:

    Hey there! How was the inspection? I wish I would have gotten to read this sooner…I’ll still be praying though!

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