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#351: His smile May 16, 2012

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I love my husband’s smile.  Especially the one where no one is looking but me and I see that he is completely pleased with me.


#144: YOU SLIPPED INTO MY HEART (via Heart of expression) August 19, 2011

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What a nice poem. Brings me back to falling in love with my husband not so long ago.

You slipped into my heart and gave me a smile you looked into my eyes and we kissed for awhile your eyes told a tale that you were in love too your wish was my command and i fell i love with you … Read More

via Heart of expression


#132: His smile August 9, 2011

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When he smiles at me I see all good things.  I see rainbows and cotton candy.  I see daffodils and morning glories.  I see chocolate chip cookies and hugs.  I see warm blankets on cold nights.  It takes me back to falling in love with him in the first place.