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#125: Someone to give little surprises to July 31, 2011

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Husbands are great candidates for little gifts and surprises.  Little notes, cookies, a movie he might like.  The sky is the limit.  I found these great little I LOVE YOU cards and put one on his nightstand.  What little things do you do to surprise your husband?


#124: Praying for my husband (continued)

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The last time I wrote about praying for my husband it was really a selfish kind of prayer.  It was praying for him to do what I want him to do.  It’s better than nagging but it’s not the selfless kind of prayer that I should be doing.  Selfless prayer is just like it sounds – it’s taking ME out of it.  It’s praying for my husband’s well-being, soul, happiess, and health.  It is asking God to keep him safe and to watch over him.  That’s the kind of prayer I meant to mention. 🙂


#123: The wife I am today makes me a better wife tomorrow July 29, 2011

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Sometimes I cringe when I think back to things I did or said.  I may have behaved badly during an argument.  I might have said something I didn’t mean.  Maybe I was impatient or selfish or a big baby.  The point is, I’m human.  That’s a good thing – mostly.  I make mistakes.  But if I can use those mistakes to become a better wife and person, it’s worth it.


#122: He watches out for our family – security, water supply, food supply July 28, 2011

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My husband is the kind of person who prepares for a disaster.  Being a butterfly, I don’t always think that way.  He takes his role as caretaker seriously.  He is quite serious about home security and having enough essentials on hand in case of a natural or manmade disaster.  

It is very important to my husband that we have sufficient bottled water on hand in case of an emergency.  It really isn’t a bad idea.  Even though I tease him about it (and I’m going to stop doing that) I realize that his ideas are prudent.

We also have 10 bottles of ketchup on hand.  That’s because I’m a shopper and it was on sale.  My husband said, “That’s ok.  In case of emergency, you can drink ketchup.”  My brother saw the ketchup and asked if I was getting ready for Armgeddon.  I said, “No.  It was just on sale.”  🙂



#121: Getting advice from other married people July 27, 2011

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When we were in Wheeling visiting relatives last weekend, we asked my Aunt Gwen who has been married over 50 years, what their secret was.  She said she didn’t really know but what she did know was that they really cared about each other.  It’s no surprise that the glue in a marriage is love.

Ask the people you know who’ve been married longer than you for tips.  And there’s always great blogs like this one to give you pearls of wisdom:


#120: He likes to do things I don’t like to do (like drive) July 26, 2011

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I am not a great driver.  Nor do I like to drive.  My husband is my personal chauffeur and I love it!  We just got back from a 5 hour trip to Wheeling, West Virginia.  He drive the whole way.  Of course, I sort of made up for it.  When we got home, I did the grocery shopping, cooked dinner and did some laundry.  The point is that in marriage each one brings special gifts.  And I bring the gift of being the best passenger ever!!!  🙂


#119: Heavy lifting July 21, 2011

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OK.  This one may seem a little lame but it’s practical.  My husband does the heavy lifting around our house.  Do you like lifting heavy things?  I didn’t think so.  I get a break and he gets to feel like a strong man.  Like so many other things about marriage, this is Win-Win.