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#228: Dear Lord, Thank you for my husband December 20, 2011

Dear Lord, I thank you for bringing my husband into my life.  I thank you for the gift he has been.  He has filled my life with order and love and sanity.  He is strong for me and encourages me to be strong.  Lord, I thank you for giving us a close relationship and for always being there to help us as we stumble along the way.  I thank you for giving us a friendship.  I thank you for answering my prayers and for keeping us both safe.  Thank you Lord for blessing me with a good husband.  He is truly a gift from you.


gratitude. =)


#208: Happy Thanksgiving! November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving oven

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I love this time of year.  The time to count your blessings.  I have so many.  I have been blessed with a loving God, a wonderful husband, a beautiful son, good health, a great career, and caring family and friends.  I am having a ball blogging and am grateful for another day with my sweet husband.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


#126: Seeing his shoes lined up August 1, 2011

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We have a wardrobe in our bedroom and due to space concerns, my husband’s shoes are all lined up on top of it.  It is an eyesore in some ways but I often find myself seeing them lined up so neatly and thinking of him and how grateful I am that he’s in my life.  It is so essential to focus on what’s important and he definitely comes before decorating.  🙂