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#278: How we met March 4, 2012

My husband and I met online.  At first I didn’t like the way it sounded.  I am a romantic and meeting online doesn’t sound organic enough.  Honestly, I’d always wanted to meet at a coffee shop.  Turns out we did.  We did meet online, City Paper.  But, we physically met at the Starbucks near my old apartment.

I went on City Paper one time.  I think I spent $5.00 to view the ads.  My screen name was Artsy.  My husband’s name was Othello Seeks Desdemona.  One of my co-workers said to me, “Does that mean he’s looking for a white girl?”  🙂  He wasn’t.

I didn’t even search for him.  While I was searching, random shots of people would flash on my computer screen.  A picture of my husband on a tennis court popped up and I liked what I saw.  It was like God flashed his picture on my screen.

I sent him a “flirt.”  He wrote back.  We chatted online.  Then we exchanged emails.  Then we talked on the phone for a couple of weeks.  Our first date was coffee.  At Starbucks.  It was St. Patrick’s Day, 2006.  I walked in and he was already there. I walked over and we had coffee.  Because that went well we went to dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant.  He dropped his fork.  We hit it off.

He walked me back to my building.  We sat on the couch in the lobby of my building.  I told him I liked him.  I said, “I like you.”  I still do. 🙂

Our second and third dates were church-related.  Second date was a church auction.  Third date was a Sunday service.

Now, I don’t care how we met.  It was how we were supposed to meet.  It was how God designed it.  There is no better architect.

Starbucks in Brisbane

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#276: Coffee Mug March 2, 2012

Platform at Cleveland Park Metro

Platform at Cleveland Park Metro (Photo credit: Kevin H.)

Uptown Movie Theater Washington DC, 2008

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Soon after we married, we went to see a movie on the big screen at the Uptown Theater in Cleveland Park.  We were early and needed to kill some time.  So we went across the street to the decorate your own pottery place.  My husband painted an over-sized coffee mug the most beautiful color.  It’s a purple-pink-plum color with a gold shimmer.  I love it and have kind of stolen it – if you can slightly steal something.  It has disappeared from our house and now lives in my office.  I use it sometimes but mostly I just marvel at it as a piece of art.  🙂 


#258: Coffee Drama February 1, 2012

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Last Saturday morning at 7 am I asked my husband if he wanted to go get coffee at a nearby coffee place near our house.  I had purchased one of those Daily Deals coupons.  I’ve had it for a few months and it was soon to expire.  I was worried that it would go to waste.

“Can we go get coffee this morning at that coffee place?” I asked.


“Yeah, don’t you want to?  Don’t you want coffee?”

“I thought you said we weren’t doing anything this weekend,” he said.

“Well, we’re not.  I hardly think that getting coffee is doing something.  You really don’t like doing anything.  Besides the coupon is going to expire in 2 weeks.  I’m not buying anymore coupons,” I whined.

“OK, let’s go.  I don’t want it hanging over my head like a vulture.  You got me feeling like I’m on death row in Texas waiting for the governor to call.”

And he says I’m a drama queen!  🙂

Coffee cup

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#220: New Amusement Park Ride Called Grinding Coffee December 8, 2011

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The Rock-O-Plane ride in Oak's Park in Portlan...

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Last weekend we did a Trader Joe’s run.  When we get their ad, I always enjoy reading about all their products.  They have good writers and it’s almost like reading short stories.  It reminds me of the J. Peterman catalog.  I often read the TJ’s ad and see things I’d like to try but seldom make it to the store.  This time I decided we would go because I wanted to get some things for a couple of holiday dinners I’m planning.

While we were there I decided to get some coffee.  It was whole bean and needed to be ground.  I thought that grinding would be a fun activity for my husband since he likes machines.  I handed the can to him and said, “Would you please grind this for us?” and went off to finish up the shopping.  When he found me and put the can in the cart I asked him “Did you have fun grinding the coffee?”  He said, “Yeah. It was like an amusement park ride.”



#207: I’m a whack job November 22, 2011

Don’t you just love pet names?  One of the sweet, little names my husband calls me is Whack Job.  It doesn’t sound very nice, but hey, sometimes I call him Jerk.  The truth is, nice or not nice, sometimes I am a Whack Job.  And sometimes, he is definitely a Jerk.  

My husband has a hard time committing to just one morning beverage.  Sometimes he has coffee.  Sometimes tea.  Sometimes hot chocolate.  He bounces all over the place.  With regard to coffee, sometimes he has coffee at home, and sometimes at Starbucks.  Or Duncan Donuts. You get the picture.  He drinks around.

On the days that he does want coffee and wants to drink it at home, I want to make him a good and decent cup of coffee.  I try to be a good wife and make yummy things to eat and drink.  They don’t always turn out right, but I try.  It’s no different with coffee. 

The other morning, he told me he had Starbucks because sometimes he wanted something a little more “stout.” I wondered if my coffee was too weak.  I could make it stronger.  He said, “Relax.  Starbucks has a multi-million dollar coffee business.  They obviously know what they are doing.  Sometimes I just want Starbucks.”  I should have listened and left it at that.  Sometimes I want Starbucks too.  But I got all whiney and upset and he called me a Whack Job. And I called him a Jerk.  Another day in the world of pet names.  🙂

A photo of a cup of coffee.

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#133: He lies to me August 10, 2011

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This morning on the way to work I said to my husband, “Weren’t you happy to wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee that your wife made for you?”

“I didn’t smell it,” he said.

After I gave him an annoyed look he said, “Would you rather I lied to you?”

“Yes,” I said.

“It was wonderful,” he added.

A little lie never hurts anything! 🙂