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#354: I will never leave you May 19, 2012

When we were courting, I told my husband that I was looking for someone to stay.  He told me that he wanted to stay and that he would.  He still tells me, “I will never leave you.”   I believe him.


#334: 10 ways he shows how much he loves me April 29, 2012

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  1. Affectionate cat

    Affectionate cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    he tells me he loves me

  2. he’s affectionate
  3. he hugs me
  4. he kisses me
  5. he calls me
  6. he worries about me
  7. he cares about me
  8. he drives me around
  9. he brings me water
  10. he tells me I’m beautiful

#330: Even grocery shopping is fun April 25, 2012

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Korea-grocery shopping

Korea-grocery shopping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things that would be run of the mill done alone are brighter when I’m with my husband.  Everything is fun – even grocery shopping.  Even going to the dump!


#325: Being his best friend April 20, 2012

My husband is my best friend.  That is different from being my BFF.  BFFs are girls.  I have one of those too.  But my husband will always be my best friend, my better half.  🙂

My friend and me

My friend and me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


#295: My Wedding Ring March 21, 2012

“Think of a wedding ring. In itself, it is just a piece of jewelry. But to the man or woman wearing it, that ring is a public statement of love, commitment and faithfulness.”

The Word Among Us Lent 2012

I love this quote.  I look at my wedding ring often.  It is a reminder of my marriage, my love, my husband and our commitment.  It’s like a hug around my finger and my life.  Security.

English: Two left hands forming an outline of ...

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#286: Movie Mondays – Ides of March March 12, 2012

Year: 2011

Genre: Drama

Description from IMDb.com: An idealistic staffer for a new presidential candidate gets a crash course on dirty politics during his stint on the campaign trail.

Wife: We both had wanted to see this based upon the previews.  It looked exciting.  The previews were effective: You knew there was suspense and intrigue but didn’t know exactly about what.  Some previews give it all away.  The movie was different from what I expected.  I liked the story line, there was good acting.  Although I liked the ending, the movie left me feeling blue.

Husband: Once it began, it was very predictable. It was still worth watching.  It was slow at parts and the ending was very Lifetime-ish.

Husband-Wife Compatibility Score: 7.5

The Ides of March (film)

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#17: Some times you are not the only peppy one in the morning August 31, 2010

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Usually I am the bouncy, off the charts, chirping bird in the morning. Naturally a morning person, I am up at 5 jumping around, tidying, singing to myself – you know the type. My husband, on the other hand, is quiet, doesn’t like “too many words” in the morning. We co-exist. We usually are on different floors to balance out our differences.

Because I’ve been sick lately, I am not a morning person this week. This morning for whatever reason, my husband was in SUCH a good mood. He was loud, was slapping me on the back in a playful way – and I hated it. I wanted everything quiet and soft. I accused him of being too rough, a by-product of growing up in a household of three large boys, all athletes.

But secretly, deep inside, I’m happy that he was playing the part of me. Somebody needs to be cheerful. Why not him? He was just holding the space of my usual, peppy, loud, chirpy morning person self who hopes she’s back tomorrow.


#15: Friday Nights August 27, 2010

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There is nothing like coming home after a long week to Friday night with my husband.  We usually do some sort of take-out.  Lately, to be healthier and save money we do “take-out” at the grocery store.  We get things like sushi, soup, deli meats, baked or fried chicken in the prepared foods section.  OK – maybe it’s not too healthy! 

Then we usually eat in the family room while watching a movie or tv.  It’s so fun.  I think Friday night is my favorite time of the week. 

A co-worker once said that being married is like getting to hang out with your best friend all the time.  So true!


#10: To Argue and then make up August 20, 2010

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I can’t say I like the arguing part.  Who does?  But it sure is nice to make up, say you are sorry, and get back to being close.  In fact, I think it makes you closer.  One more thing you survived together.


#8: Staying Up Late Watching Movies August 18, 2010

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Last night we stayed up past our bedtime watching the new Dexter Season 4 DVD.  (First Episode)  I felt like I was a kid sneaking and doing something naughty and there was my partner in crime, my husband, right there with me.  How fun!