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#344: The Evening News With Karyl Terese May 9, 2012

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“You have a habit of talking over the entire newscast with your own newscast,” said my husband.

“You make comments during the news too,” I said.

“My comments are short and comical,” he said.

“What is comical is subjective,” I reminded him.

“Besides you talk the whole time.¬† It’s like ‘The evening news with Karyl Terese.'” ūüôā

Washington - Television News Studio (1984)

Washington - Television News Studio (1984) (Photo credit: roger4336)


#341: Isn’t that interesting? May 6, 2012

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Driving Cars in a Traffic Jam

Driving Cars in a Traffic Jam (Photo credit: epSos.de)

I get so excited sometimes when I am sharing new facts I’ve learned¬†or sharing something new with another person.¬† Recently, I was telling¬†my husband some such set of facts.¬† I thought they were interesting.¬† I’m sure he was driving and trying to¬†pay attention on the road.¬† I was having what he calls a passenger party over in the¬†passenger¬†seat.¬† Because I can go long stretches without hearing a peep from him I wanted to check in.

I turned to my¬†husband and said, “Isn’t that interesting?”

He said, “Yes, Karyl, that’s interesting.¬† Tell me more.” ūüôā


#268: The Average Person February 21, 2012

The weekend before last we took a 5 hour car trip.  About halfway through, I burst out with what I thought was some thrilling information.

“The best and healthiest car trip foods are fruit and nuts,” I said.

“Thank you, Karyl,” my husband said.

“You are so obnoxious,” I said.

“I’m obnoxious?” he said.

“The average person might think you are polite, but I know better,” I said.

“The average person might think you are interesting, but I know better,” he said.

Fair enough.¬† Fair enough.¬† ūüôā


#252: To be or not to be January 24, 2012

self-portrait: to be or not to be..

Image by marie-ll via Flickr

We are taking the subway together and walking from the parking lot to the terminal.  As usual, I am chatting away. 

“Shhhh,” says my husband.

“Why can’t we talk?¬†¬†Look around.¬† See all these people talking to each other?”

“They are having a conversation,” he says.¬† “With you it’s a soliloquy. It’s like you are doing Hamlet all the time.¬† ‘To be or not to be.¬† That is the question…'”

Well, really.¬† Tell me how you really feel!¬† ūüôā


#210: Silence is Golden November 28, 2011

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Sleep mask

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I’m on a¬†plane with my sleep mask and earplugs beginning a 2 hour flight to Birmingham.¬† I’m sure my husband is thrilled¬†that I’ll be sleeping, not talking.¬† We haven’t taken off yet.¬† For the last 5-10¬†minutes I’ve been trying to fall asleep.¬† After 15¬†unsuccessful minutes, I pull down the mask, look at my husband and say¬†“I can’t fall asleep.”¬† He looks at me and says “Don’t give up so easily.¬† Hang in there.”¬† ūüôā




#193: If my husband could make anyone in the world stop talking for 24 hours November 2, 2011

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This Soviet war poster conveys the message: &q...

Image via Wikipedia

I’m afraid it would be me.¬† I’ve mentioned before that I am a talker.¬† If I were¬†silent for 24 hours, I bet my husband would miss my chatter.¬† Maybe not during the first half of the day but certainly in the 20th hour.¬† It would be mighty quiet in our house.¬† He would have been able to think and focus for a long time and would realize that thinking is overrated.¬† He would surely be missing all my memories, silliness, and meaningless banter.¬†

If I could make anyone in the world talk more for 24 hours it would be my son.¬† He is very quiet.¬† He definitely¬†does not take after his Mom in the talking department.¬† ūüôā


#180: Being Chatty Cathy October 12, 2011

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Unazukin Yes/No DollI talk a lot.¬† A lot.¬† I don’t think I talk too much, but my husband does.¬† The worst times are mornings.¬† I am a morning person.¬† And a talker.¬† My husband is neither.¬† I talked his ear off this morning on the way to the subway.¬† I sent him a¬†text from the train saying:

“Sorry¬†so chatty.¬† Love, Cathy”

He wrote me back:

“You’re fine.¬† I love you, Cathy.”

All is well.¬†¬†ūüôā