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taking a break… September 24, 2010

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#29: Having a Best Friend

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Let’s face it.  My husband is my best friend.  Not in a BFF kind of way – I have one of those too.  But in your husband is your best friend kind of way.  Someone once told me that the reason she loved being married so much was beause it was like you get to hang around your best friend 24/7.  When I was single, I would have to figure out who I would get together with, who I’d have dinner. or go to the movies with.  With my husband, I have an automtaic, built-in best friend.  The key is not to take this best friend for granted.  Just because he’s there and available all the time doesn’t make him any less valuable.  If I had a nugget of gold at my house, is it any less valuable because it’s always there?  No!  Well neither is my husband.  I need to appreciate and be thankful for the precious gift of having my husband there, for being my best friend.


#28: More on balance September 23, 2010

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I mentioned before that my husband is a pit bull and I’m a French poodle.  I like to chat and he doesn’t.  But that opposites thing really works.  I am the one who trusts everyone and he is suspicious.  But it works – if we were both overly trusting, we’d get into trouble, get taken advantage of, hoodwinked, robbed, etc.  If we were both overly untrusting, we’d never connect as much and miss out on many of the joys of life.  Together we make one normal trusting enough person.  I can’t tell you how many aspects of our relationship are like this.  Alone, we are out of balance.  Together, with perfect fine-tuning, we are in balance.


#27: Sunday Dinners September 22, 2010

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Sunday Dinners play a big part in my marriage.  What is a Sunday Dinner?  For me it is a big dinner I prepare each week after church.  Sunday Dinners are planned out and better executed than the “get the meal” on the table meals during the week, the pizza or chinese take out on Friday nights, and the easy meals on Saturday nights (tacos and spaghetti). On Sundays, I try to create a masterpiece.  Notice I didn’t say “I create a masterpiece.”  It doesn’t always work out that way.  A sample Sunday dinner is baked chicken, candied sweet potatoes, collard greens, corn bread and apple pie. Another possibility is a semi-complicated recipe I’ve been dying to try.

In a nutshell, Sunday Dinner is my attempt at pleasing my family through my cooking that hopefully results in a delicious meal!  It’s what Id like to do every day but can only seem to pull off once a week.  My husband really appreciates it.  He is definitely a “the way to his heart is through his stomach” kind of guy.


#26: Watching Movies Together September 20, 2010

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Movie watching is a hobby that my husband and I share.  We don’t always like the same kinds of movies, but we definitely like movies.  My husband likes typical guy movies: action, suspense, adventure, and horror.  I like typically “girl” movies like chick flicks, Christian/family movies and thrillers (but not horror).  We watch the movies we both like.  We also watch movies that we don’t really like for the sake of the other person.  I draw the line at horror and my husband draws the line on movies about Saints.

It’s important to do fun things together.  It’s part of the glue that holds it all together.


#25: Trips Together September 17, 2010

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Our family is getting ready for a trip to Hilton Head.  There is nothing like piling in the card for a family trip.  Picking out just the right car snacks.  Making sure I pack the travel pillow for my son.  A few Cokes for my husband for the long drive.  I like the planning, preparation, and orchestrating that I get to do as a wife.  Being a wife, and a mother, involves so many behind the scenes and often unseen acts of love.  Little touches.  But when these things are not done, the trip doesn’t go as well.  These little acts of love I do for God, by way of my family.


#24: Simply Watching My Man Be A Man September 16, 2010

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My husband is a manly man and it is a marvel to watch him.  He is strong, has a fierce desire to protect me and his family, and he walks through the world as a man.  Being a woman, this is very attractive to me.  Call it yin and yang or God’s plan, but I enjoy my husband being a man and my being a woman.  I feel that it is a perfect fit and we truly complement each other.  Another tribute to God’s beautiful plan for us.


#23: Couch Time September 15, 2010

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One of my favorite things is couch time with my husband.  I get home about 7/7:15.  Once I change into comfy clothes and get dinner cooked, it’s couch time in the basement family room.  We watch tv, usually Seinfeld, eat, and talk.  It’s pure relaxation, and, depending on the day, pure collapse.  It’s usually no more than an hour of vegging time.  But I look forward to it every day.  Me on the left side, husband on the right.  🙂


#22: His Humor September 14, 2010

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My husband is a very funny guy.  He actually used to do stand-up comedy for a while when he was younger.  So I basically get to live with a semi-professional funny guy.  I can tell you, he keeps me laughing all the time.  I think I’m pretty funny too.  He is a tough critic, so I know when I make him laugh I have truly been funny.  Unless he’s humoring me!  🙂


#21: Staying home and playing house wife September 13, 2010

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My husband and I both work full-time.  I dream about staying home and being a housewife.  Sometimes I get to do it for short intervals.  Like this weekend.  My husband had a work-related meeting for about 5 hours.  It allowed me to tidy up, get some laundry and cleaning done, grocery shop, and plan out the evening meal.  It also allowed me to give my husband the gift of returning to a clean and orderly home where he could relax.  The bed was even made!

God may not give us everything we ask for, but if you look out (and in) with a grateful heart, you will see that God gives us so much.  House wife for a few hours!   If you told me 20 years ago that I would want to be a housewife I would have laughed at you!  I’m glad I have changed.  There is nothing more beautiful than keeping a peaceful home for your family.  Proverbs 31 woman I strive to be!