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#352: His honesty May 17, 2012

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My husband is honest with me – for better or worse.  Sometimes he is honest with me when I would prefer that he lie a bit. For example:

All in all, I prefer his honesty.  I can rely upon it and I trust him.


#349: Movie Mondays – 3:10 to Yuma May 14, 2012

Year: 2007


Genre: Action/Crime/Drama


Description from http://www.IMDb.com: A small-time rancher agrees to hold a captured outlaw who’s awaiting a train to go to court in Yuma. A battle of wills ensues as the outlaw tries to psych out the rancher.


Wife: I really liked this movie.  I am not a big fan of Westerns, but I do like good movies. I liked both this and the remake of True Grit.  It’s funny that this movie was not categorized as a Western.  I loved the portrayal of father and son and the theme of good and bad men. It drew me in.  I’ve seen it twice now.  It is such a classic.  I have not seen the original but want to.  Plus, it’s got a great title!

Cover of "3:10 to Yuma (Widescreen Editio...


Husband: i liked the movie.  It had  great storyline.  The characters were believable. [OK, my husband said this and I said, “Walter, you say this about every movie.  It’s like you don’t care.”  To which he responded, “Hmmm, you’re catching on.”  Luckily, we only have 2 more movie reviews.  Sorry Walter.]


Husband-Wife Compatibility Rating: 9




#341: Isn’t that interesting? May 6, 2012

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Driving Cars in a Traffic Jam

Driving Cars in a Traffic Jam (Photo credit: epSos.de)

I get so excited sometimes when I am sharing new facts I’ve learned or sharing something new with another person.  Recently, I was telling my husband some such set of facts.  I thought they were interesting.  I’m sure he was driving and trying to pay attention on the road.  I was having what he calls a passenger party over in the passenger seat.  Because I can go long stretches without hearing a peep from him I wanted to check in.

I turned to my husband and said, “Isn’t that interesting?”

He said, “Yes, Karyl, that’s interesting.  Tell me more.” 🙂


# 338: Local Woman Screws Up on Blog May 2, 2012

Ya'akov Eilon, and Miki Haimovich on Channel 1...

Ya'akov Eilon, and Miki Haimovich on Channel 10 news program (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Husband and I were walking to the club one day.  I was talking about my post about him being CEO of our family.  I realized that I made a mistake and had 2 CTOs (Chief Transportation Officer and Chief Technology Officer).  I told my husband and he said, “That’s OK.”

“You say that like it’s not important,” I said.

“It’s OK.  It’s a blog.  It’s not like it will be on the news.”

He helps me not take myself too seriously and always makes me laugh.  I’m laughing now as I type this.  🙂


#334 and 1/2: I thank God for you April 29, 2012

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I asked my husband if he thanks God for me every day.

He said, “Every other day.”


laughing woman Svenska: skrattande kvinna

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)



#287: Funny Things My Husband Says March 13, 2012

English: folded turtleneck

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Hedberg during his Comedy Central Presents spe...

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My husband is a funny guy.  He did stand-up comedy for a while.  He likes comedy.  One of his favorite comedians was Mitch Hedburg.

My husband tells one of his jokes really well.

Wearing a turtleneck is like being strangled by a really weak guy.

Love it!  🙂