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#330: Even grocery shopping is fun April 25, 2012

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Korea-grocery shopping

Korea-grocery shopping (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things that would be run of the mill done alone are brighter when I’m with my husband.  Everything is fun – even grocery shopping.  Even going to the dump!


#240: Shopping at Lowes January 6, 2012

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This past weekend we went to Lowes so my husband could buy a gift with the Christmas gift card he received from my brother and his family.  He decided he wanted to buy a tool but didn’t know which one.  At first I followed him around but quickly became bored.  I decided to browse around the store on my own.  Me walking around Lowes is like my husband walking around Michael’s.  I am quickly bored.  Lowes is huge but I managed to go up and down every boring isle.  There’s nothing I wanted to look at. Of course, being a shopper I did still manage to find things to buy.   I found two cute linen-lined wicker clothes hampers with bows.  I also found cleaning products and a heater. I can always find something to buy I need. 

My husband ended up getting a circular saw. 

I said, “Don’t you already have one of those?”

He said, “Yes, but not a power one.  The regular one you have to go zroom, zroom, zroom.  With the power saw it’s just zroom.”

I thanked him for that technical explanation.  Now I get it.  🙂

Lowe's at Aramingo Crossings3


#220: New Amusement Park Ride Called Grinding Coffee December 8, 2011

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The Rock-O-Plane ride in Oak's Park in Portlan...

Image via Wikipedia

Last weekend we did a Trader Joe’s run.  When we get their ad, I always enjoy reading about all their products.  They have good writers and it’s almost like reading short stories.  It reminds me of the J. Peterman catalog.  I often read the TJ’s ad and see things I’d like to try but seldom make it to the store.  This time I decided we would go because I wanted to get some things for a couple of holiday dinners I’m planning.

While we were there I decided to get some coffee.  It was whole bean and needed to be ground.  I thought that grinding would be a fun activity for my husband since he likes machines.  I handed the can to him and said, “Would you please grind this for us?” and went off to finish up the shopping.  When he found me and put the can in the cart I asked him “Did you have fun grinding the coffee?”  He said, “Yeah. It was like an amusement park ride.”



#169: Using frugality to maintain my weight September 28, 2011


Image by Jarod Carruthers via Flickr

OK, this isn’t exactly one of the things I love about being married but please humor me.  Frugality is certainly connected to my marriage in that I am a steward of the resources for my family.  In addition, staying fit and healthy is also essential to and good for my marriage.  So it’s but a hop, skip and a jump to using frugality to maintain my weight.  See?  I’m not so crazy after all. 

My weight has  yo-yoed quite a few times in my life.  This goes way back to when I was in my teens. Granted, they were small yo-yos back then – up and down 5 pounds.  Thanks to the grapefruit diet, the lollipop diet and all the other crazy diets I did in the late 70s, I’d lose and t hen go back to my eating ways.  My more recent yo-yos have been more significant – 25 pounds.  My weight will go up and I’ll bring it down.   It goes up again and I bring it down again. Unfortunately, I have wasted lots of money on clothes because when I get to a new weight, I’m so sure that I’ll stay there forever, that I get rid of all my clothes!  I’ve had enough of it.  I am going to try to use frugality to keep me at my current weight.   If I start to gain weight, I will make myself lose it.  I know how – I’ve done it many times.   Gaining and losing weight is not a reason anymore to waste money on a wardrobe.  Besides, it is much healthier for me to stay at one sensible weight.  Maintenance is the thing I’ve needed to learn.  I just read a book called “Is she naturally thin or disciplined”    and it shares that women who stay thin constantly watch their size and/or weight and if they gain a couple of pounds they lose it right away before it becomes a problem.  I believe this is the key to maintenance: awareness, vigilance and discipline. 

Please wish me luck.  Have you ever had such a problem?


#137: His love of bags August 16, 2011

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My husband loves bags.  Briefcases.  Saddlebags.  Laptop bags.  Luggage.  Go into any store with him and he will find his way to the bags.  Last Thanksgiving we went to the mall in the middle of  the night on Black Friday.  We found a bag store.  He was in heaven!  He got a beautiful saddlebag as a Christmas gift.  I even got a bag out of the deal.   What does your husband love (besides you)?