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#39: Someone to Love October 25, 2010

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Isn’t it wonderful to love someone?  Just having those feelings of love bubble up inside you feels good.  It feels great to be loved but how good also is the act of loving someone!  I am one of those people who loves to be in love.  Having someone to shower with love, to care about, think about, crave, is simply awesome!


#38: Someone to bounce ideas off October 22, 2010

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My husband is a smart man.  Not only is he well educated but he continues to self-educate.  He adores knowledge and loves to read and learn.   He is also street smart and has common sense.  I am also an intelligent well-educated person.  However, we are knowledgeable about different types of things, which makes us very complementary.  He is an excellent person to discuss my ideas with.  I absolutely do not get a cookie cutter version of my own thoughts.  I really appreciate his differences and his differentness.


#37: Someone to complete me October 21, 2010

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Before I met my husband, something was missing in my life.  It was like a hole.  It’s not that I felt empty, but incomplete.  Like an essential part of me was missing.  There is folklore that says that each set of lovers share one soul and when they are set loose in the world apart they seek each other, to become one, so that their one soul can be complete again.  I am a Christian so I believe we each have our own soul but I like the message.  In Christianity, our closest version of the story of the two lovers is “and the two will become one flesh.  So they are no longer two, but one.” Mark 10:8.  As husband and wife, we are no longer two separate beings but one couple.  As God took a rib from Adam to give to Eve, my husband completes me in a way that I could never have imagined.


#36: A Role Model for My Son October 19, 2010

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It isn’t easy being a man these days.  There are so many boys that do not have a suitable role model in the home.  I am happy that my husband is a good role model for my son.  He works hard.  He supports me.  He cooks.  He is fiercely loyal and protective of his family.  He pushes our son to be a man.  Since our son is 19, this is important.  As a Mom and a woman, I have a tendency to baby our son.  But I know what I want him to be like when he fully grows up and it is not a baby.  I want him to be strong, self-supporting, kind, hard-working, a man of God, and a family man.  My husband is all of those things and I am happy that our son has him around to guide him.


#35: Having a Strong Person Around October 15, 2010

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OK – I really seem to be on the practical kick these days.  This may sound rather lame but let’s face it – isn’t it nice to have a strong guy around?  This morning I needed some huge plants brought in from the patio.  It’s getting cold and I didn’t want them to die out there.  So I asked my husband to move them, and voila it was done.  My white shirt remained white and my husband didn’t mind, except he got water in his shoes.  Poor husband.  Poor, STRONG husband.  🙂


#34: Sharing Expenses October 13, 2010

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Well this one is rather practical.  But let’s face it: it’s tough out there money-wise.  Lots of people are struggling financially.  It really helps to have two people to depend on.  And for those couples who have one person stay home, there is an economic, among others, benefit to having one person home.  If that person cooks and does laundry and ironing, it’s means savings on eating out and dry cleaners, just to name a couple of things.  God’s plan would of course be economically sound!


#33: The Garage Door Buzz October 12, 2010

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When my husband comes home, he pulls into the driveway, hits the automatic door switch and the garage door opens making a loud buzzing sound.  Wherever I am in the house I can hear it and I know he’s home.  That sound equals joy because I love my husband and am always excited to see him.  That buzz means “I’m home” and it is truly one of my joys of being married.

garage door buzz = joy


#32: The Joys of Being Married October 7, 2010

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Ok, this is a bit circular.  So, one of the joys of being married is the joys of being married?  Huh?  Let me try to explain.  What I’ve been doing on this blog is talking about individual joys of being married.  This post is about the total bouquet of joys.  The overwhelming fragance of many, many joys together.  The unnamable, unenumerated, total sum of the joys.  There are so many and as you go through each day, each year, and your life together, if you are paying attention,  and being grateful,  you will find joy after joy after joy.  Really!


#31: Figuring Out How To Be A Good Wife October 5, 2010

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One of the joys of being married is  that it keeps me on my toes.  I truly want to be a great wife so it’s a challenge for me.  I have some good role models and there’s always Proverbs 31.

In my mind there is “what’s a good wife.”  I have to figure out what the goal is.

Getting there is a whole different story.  But it’s fun.  And humbling.  And wonderful.  And frustrating.

We want so much to be good and perfect but all God wants us to do is do our best.  And pray a lot!

I am going to be the best wife I can be!


#30: Having Someone to Take Care Of October 4, 2010

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I believe that serving others is the way that we get to be like Jesus, like God.  In footwashing ceremonies I have attended where the priest washes the feet of his parishioners like Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, you see the love and care present in the act of serving others.

As a wife, you get to serve your husband and care for him.  I am deeply aware how being a wife allows me to act as Jesus did.  I pray that as I fold his socks, and prepare a meal for him, and yes, even when I pick up his dirty clothes from the floor, that I recognize what a privilege it is to serve another person.