I Love This Husband & Wife Stuff


#59: Learning what makes my husband tick April 28, 2011

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Getting to know another human being is enthralling.  It’s hard enough to figure out our own selves most of the time.  When you are trying to understand someone else, it’s even more challenging.  And what’s more, because everyone is always changing, it’s not like you get someone figured out and you can rest and put your feet up.  But, I hope I’m not making this sound like a chore because it isn’t.  People are fascinating and I love unraveling the marvelous puzzle that my husband is.


#58: Having someone to go home to after dinner with a friend April 27, 2011

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I had a great dinner last night with a good friend who lives out of town.  We rarely get to see each other so the rare dinner is very special.  After a yummy meal and warm conversation, I had the further blessing to going home to see my husband.  Ain’t friendship, love and life grand?!!!!!!!


#57: Getting Kitties Together April 25, 2011

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We have new kitties!  Yesterday my husband drove to Andrews Airforce Base to get two 7 month old kitties from a couple that needed to give them away due to allergies.  They are sisters and are beautiful!  We love them so much already.  I can’t wait to get home to see them tonight.

In case you didn’t already know, kittens = love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#56: Having Someone Love Me Despite My Irritability April 22, 2011

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I have been terribly irritable these days and unfortunately, I sometimes take it out on my husband.  He has been very patient, understanding and supportive, and for that I am grateful.


#55: Gone Fishing April 21, 2011

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My husband’s job is related to the school system so he had Spring Break this week.  He spent a lot of time doing yard work this week but I’m happy to say took a nice break yesterday and went fishing.  It took us a while to get the fishing license but as soon as we received it, he was out the door to fish.  He didn’t catch anything, besides some smalll children that followed him around.  They were at the lake with their grandmother and she had to keep moving to follow them who followed him.  Importantly, he enjoyed himself which was the whole point afterall.  And that makes me happy.


#54: Another Person You Get To Figure Out April 20, 2011

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We get to try to figure out who we are as people and what makes us tick.  With a spouse, you get yet another human being to marvel at, ponder, and decipher.  Fun, some times challenging like a difficult puzzle. 

I am reading a book called Happy Yoga and the section on love says that wanting to be loved should be distinguished from loving.  Wanting to be loved can feel like desperation to the other person.  We project all our many wants on them and they often don’t measure up.  And we don’t understand what is going on and why they are no longer that dreamy person we fell in love with.  Loving is without want.  It just is!  Loving someone no matter whether you can figure them out or not!  They just are.  You just love.  Try it!


#53: Walter vs. Weeds April 19, 2011

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My husband is so cute.  He loves being in the backyard.  His latest challenge were some monstrous weeds that were attacking a cherry tree and our fence.  He hacked and cut and pulled until we had 12 bags worth of cut weeds.  It is a pleasure of mine to watch him out there.  We love our house.  I love him!