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#240: Shopping at Lowes January 6, 2012

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This past weekend we went to Lowes so my husband could buy a gift with the Christmas gift card he received from my brother and his family.  He decided he wanted to buy a tool but didn’t know which one.  At first I followed him around but quickly became bored.  I decided to browse around the store on my own.  Me walking around Lowes is like my husband walking around Michael’s.  I am quickly bored.  Lowes is huge but I managed to go up and down every boring isle.  There’s nothing I wanted to look at. Of course, being a shopper I did still manage to find things to buy.   I found two cute linen-lined wicker clothes hampers with bows.  I also found cleaning products and a heater. I can always find something to buy I need. 

My husband ended up getting a circular saw. 

I said, “Don’t you already have one of those?”

He said, “Yes, but not a power one.  The regular one you have to go zroom, zroom, zroom.  With the power saw it’s just zroom.”

I thanked him for that technical explanation.  Now I get it.  🙂

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#191: Giving Gifts October 31, 2011

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One of the things I love about marriage is the giving of gifts, especially at Christmas.  It got me thinking about gifts and how crazy we can all get at this time of year.  Christmas is certainly not about expensive things and it’s not even about things. The true meaning of Christmas is marveling at the birth of our Lord who was born in order to die for our sins. That was the ultimate gift from God.  Also, on a lesser note, there were the wise men and others who brought gifts to the baby Jesus.  So I get where the gift thing came from.  But gifting has become such an ugly ritual at times when it is disconnected from the true meaning of Christmas.  In our gift giving to our spouses, children, family and friends, let us give in love. Let us not overspend. Let us cut back, not out of selfishness or greed, but out of deep respect for our Lord.  Let us make and bake.  Let us give of our time. Let us give to the poor.  Let us give small practical things that people need.  Let us enjoy giving things our loved ones want, within reason. And let us feel the warmth in our hearts as we contemplate the son of our God, sleeping in a humble manger in the hay.


#49: Having Someone to Give Gifts To April 1, 2011

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I appreciate the act of gift-giving.  It is really a special privilege.  I know that at Christmas I get way more satisfaction out of presenting gifts to others than I get from receiving gifts.  And I like receiving gifts a lot.  The best gifts are the ones that you really think about.  And the ones you make are even better.  I like thinking about my husband and what he might enjoy.  My favorite gift I gave to my husband was a framed picture of an album cover.  My husband’s father sang in a professional gospel band.  I ordered the cd and photocopied the cover and had it framed and matted.  It hangs in his office.  I think he really appreciated it.  It was a gift of family and love and although it wasn’t handmade per se, it was something I created from my idea.  It is a privilege to give to others and it feels so warm and yummy!