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#365: Last Post May 30, 2012

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This is my last post.  I have mixed feelings about closing.  Focusing on what I love about being married has made me a happier person and wife.  I’ve enjoyed the family and dialog of marriage bloggers.  I set out to write a finite blog: 365 things I love about marriage.  Now finding myself at the end I’m sticking to the plan.

I asked my husband what I should do for the last post and he suggested sharing some of the things I learned.  As usual, he is a smart man. 🙂


1. Marriage is truly wonderful.

2. I really love my husband.

3. It’s hard to say goodbye.

4. I like blogging.

5. It sometimes takes 2 years to do a 365 blog!

6. I’m thankful for all your comments and support.

7. It feels good to keep a commitment whether it is marriage or blogging.

8. Lots of folks love marriage like I do.

9.  Blogs take a lot of time.


1. He should keep his mouth shut.

2. Things he says will end up on my blog and he won’t get any credit for it. 🙂


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Thank you to God for my life.  Thank you to my wonderful husband Walter to whom this blog is dedicated.  Thank you to those of you who read and followed it!  I will leave this blog up for a while. Please come visit me at my other blog: Artsy Wanderer  🙂


#358: My fave marriage blogs May 23, 2012

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Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos (Photo credit: Sean Choe)

We are quickly making our way to post #365 on this blog.  I want to remind you about all the great marriage blogs out there, especially those on my blogroll.  My absolute favorites now are:

1. Happy Wives Club

2. Peaceful Wife’s Blog

3. The Romantic Vineyard

4. The Generous Wife



Please vote for I LOVE THIS HUSBAND & WIFE STUFF! November 28, 2011

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First of all, thank you to all of you who nominated I Love This Husband & Wife Stuff.  We are on the ballot!  Second, thank you to Stupendous Marriage for running this contest.  Please visit Stupendous Marriage to see a full list of nominees with descriptions of the various blogs.  If you are interested in marriage blogs, please visit the sites.  There really are a lot of good ones.  I have some of them on my blogroll already and plan to add more.  Yes, this is a contest.  Yes, I want to win.  But there are many ways to win.  One of the ways I’ve already won is being part of this awesome community of marriage bloggers! 

To vote, follow the link below.  Select your favorite.  Click send.

You have until December 4th at midnight to vote for your favorite!

The top 10 Marriage Blog List will be published on December 5th.

To vote, please CLICK HERE!  Thanks!


#202: Balance November 15, 2011

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The first decision I had to make about my blog was the theme or topic. Clearly I wanted to write about marriage. I wanted to uplift it and honor it. The next decision was how. I didn’t consciously consider these things. Some of it evolved. I bet this is true with other blogs as well. I had to find my voice. I was so uncomfortable at first, as if I were in a new environment. And I was. Blogging is still quite new to me.

Yes, this blog is about marriage but there are many blogs about marriage. There are funny ones, complain-ey ones, blogs about infidelity, professional blogs by marriage counselors. Mine is sometimes funny but sometimes serious. I try to write from the heart and spirit and bring God into my blog. I also write posts with specific people in mind. I will see a friend or family member struggling with an issue and I may secretly write a post for them. I hope I’m not too obvious. But the point is, I strive for balance. Not every day or every post, but on average. Balance is something I strive for in all aspects of my life, including this blog.