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#313: Opposites attract April 8, 2012

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I play too many games.  My husband is grouchy.  To have harmony that means I need to play less and he needs to lighten up.  We are always moving towards the middle, towards peace, towards compatibility and balance.  Compromise is a beautiful thing.

dog & cat

dog & cat (Photo credit: Yukari*)


#303: My husband loves when I blog March 29, 2012

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When I blog, there are long stretches of time where I am in the basement not talking, not asking him to look at things,  not asking him to do things.

my blogging = peaceful moments

Hey!  Everyone needs a hobby.  🙂

Peace begins with love

Peace begins with love (Photo credit: Br3nda)


#222: The peaceful way December 12, 2011

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[Tree in a rural area] (LOC)

Image by The Library of Congress via Flickr

There are two ways to exit our neighborhood. The way we used to go required a lot of waiting at an intersection with no lights. On busy mornings this could take a while and felt hectic and stressful. My husband found a back way we could go that is kinder and gentler. We go past the path that leads to the little lake we walk around. We end up at a light for easier exiting. My husband calls it the peaceful way. Never underestimate the value of making little improvements to your day. When you repeat these things over and over, they add up and contribute to your well-being. Thanks husband.

 Are there little things you have learned to do that help to de-stress your life?