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#299: 4 simple money tips March 25, 2012

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As a wife, I make many decisions as one of the stewards of our financial resources.  I am not an expert on money but I have a few tips based on what I’ve learned.  A few books that have been helpful to me are Dave Ramsey‘s Financial Peace Revisited, Michelle Singletary’s The Power to Prosper, and The One Minute Millionaire.  Two books I’d like to read are Rich Dad, Poor Dad and something by Warren Buffett.  Although Warren Buffet‘s book The Essays of Warren Buffet: Lessons for Corporate America isn’t advice for the average person, I want to read it anyway to glean some wisdom.

Here are 4 simple things I have learned about money that I haven’t been able to fully apply successfully.  These things are likely not new to you either but I bet you’ll agree that the difficulty lies in actually doing these things.

1. Spend Less.

Be frugal.  Buy only what you need.  Look for bargains and sales.  Stay out of stores.  That includes online stores!  Shopping should not be a hobby.  Spend within your means.  Simplify.  You don’t need all that stuff.  Also, every penny does count.  I used to buy new books on Amazon, even if the used books were 2 or 3 dollars less.  I would say to myself “Well it’s only 2 or 3 dollars.  I may as well have a new one.”  Now I say, “I can save 2-3 dollars.  Used books are fine!”

2. Save more. 

If you are not saving, start.  Save something.  You can start small.  Saving should be something you do your entire life. It should be a way of life.  And don’t dip into your savings except for emergencies.  No, a shoe sale is not an emergency.  Keep your savings growing.  Have a green thumb!  🙂

3. Ask God.

Ask God for prosperity.  The good Lord provides and He will give you what you need.  Thank God for what He gives you.  Accept God’s will.

4. Give!

Give to family.  Give to friends.  Give to the poor. Give to strangers.  Give to charities.  Give to your church.  Give, give give!

Don’t get hung up on where you are.  Start doing the right thing and pat yourself on the back for how far you’ve come.  You can do it!


#175: Taking frugality too far? October 5, 2011

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My latest frugal ploy is to eat up any old stuff in the fridge on Friday before I do my big shopping for the week on Saturday.  As you can imagine, by Friday night there are slim pickings in the fridge.  Last Friday night on our way home, I said to my husband, “What would you like for dinner tonight: grilled cheese or oatmeal?”  He said, “Uh uh” and proceeded to pull into the grocery store to buy proper dinner material.  What can I say?  I am clearly the winner of the frugality contest at our house.  🙂


#170: Being Frugal September 29, 2011

I have spoken about the Proverbs 31 wife before.  The majority of the Proverbs 31 wife verses deal with work, stewardship, and resources.   The husband has full confidence in the wife and she brings him no harm.  She is a hard worker that rises early to make sure her family’s needs are taken care of.   She understands business and makes sound financial decisions.  She gives to the poor.  She ensures that her family’s basic needs are met:  food, clothing, and shelter.  To sum it up, “She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”

I have been contemplating my role as financial manager of the household.  I take my duties very seriously.  I have been continuing to learn about managing money and being frugal.  I am committed to living within our means.  In these hard economic times and always, those that live within their means, have no debt or little debt, and have savings are most likely to overcome hardship. 

My sister-in-law is taking a course with the Financial Peace University program founded by Dave Ramsey.  The lessons are Christian-based and focus on eliminating debt, building wealth, finding  bargains, investing  for the future, and increasing tithing and charitable giving.  I read Dave Ramsey’s book and it reinforced some of the things I learned in Michelle Singletary’s book  The Power to Prosper.  I recommend both to you if you are interested in improving in this area. 

Like weight maintenance, financial stewardship never ends and it’s something you keep plugging away at, fine-tuning and refiguring.  The bottom line is to live within and hopefully below your means, save, and tithe.  At this point I “strive to tithe” but I plan to get there! 

In case you are interested, here are three of my favorite frugality

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#169: Using frugality to maintain my weight September 28, 2011


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OK, this isn’t exactly one of the things I love about being married but please humor me.  Frugality is certainly connected to my marriage in that I am a steward of the resources for my family.  In addition, staying fit and healthy is also essential to and good for my marriage.  So it’s but a hop, skip and a jump to using frugality to maintain my weight.  See?  I’m not so crazy after all. 

My weight has  yo-yoed quite a few times in my life.  This goes way back to when I was in my teens. Granted, they were small yo-yos back then – up and down 5 pounds.  Thanks to the grapefruit diet, the lollipop diet and all the other crazy diets I did in the late 70s, I’d lose and t hen go back to my eating ways.  My more recent yo-yos have been more significant – 25 pounds.  My weight will go up and I’ll bring it down.   It goes up again and I bring it down again. Unfortunately, I have wasted lots of money on clothes because when I get to a new weight, I’m so sure that I’ll stay there forever, that I get rid of all my clothes!  I’ve had enough of it.  I am going to try to use frugality to keep me at my current weight.   If I start to gain weight, I will make myself lose it.  I know how – I’ve done it many times.   Gaining and losing weight is not a reason anymore to waste money on a wardrobe.  Besides, it is much healthier for me to stay at one sensible weight.  Maintenance is the thing I’ve needed to learn.  I just read a book called “Is she naturally thin or disciplined”    and it shares that women who stay thin constantly watch their size and/or weight and if they gain a couple of pounds they lose it right away before it becomes a problem.  I believe this is the key to maintenance: awareness, vigilance and discipline. 

Please wish me luck.  Have you ever had such a problem?


#127: His positivity/enthusiasm about our new budget August 2, 2011

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In an attempt to live more frugally and responsibly, we are trying the envelope method of budgeting.  This is where you have separate envelopes for different things.  For example, the food/entertainment envelope: we each get x amount for the week for food and entertainment.  Husband was great.  He said, “I like this.”  Incredulously I asked, “Why do you like it?  I don’t!  I’d much rather spend whatever I want and not have to stick to a certain amount.”   Then I stopped myself.  He’s happy about budgeting and I’m criticizing?  Have I lost my mind?  Apparently so.  Maybe I’ll find it in that envelope.  🙂