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#359: A Tribute to My Brother and His Wife May 24, 2012

First of all, I really love these two people.  My brother is a funny, smart, loyal and loveable guy.  My sister-in-law is sweet, quirky, God-loving and so fun to be with.  I am blessed that these two favorite people of mine are married to each other.  My brother gave me one of my closest friends!

My brother and his wife danced their first wedding dance to Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World almost 17 years ago.  It was a beautiful choice.



#226: How many in-laws does it take to screw in a lightbulb? December 16, 2011

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It’s holiday time and time for seeing your in-laws! Mothers-in-law.  Brothers and Sisters-in-law.  All the in-law crew.  What I’ve learned about in-laws is that for things to run smoothly, each spouse should be the leader for dealing with their own set.  It really makes things easier.  If we are visiting my husband’s brother, I take the back seat in figuring out what we do, how often we see him, and gifts.  As much as I want to take control, because I am a supreme control freak, I see that it is best if we divide the tasks this way.  When we visited my brother over the summer, it was up to me to figure out where to stay, how long to stay, etc.  Sometimes the follower spouse has to grin and bear it if decisions are made that they don’t like or wouldn’t make, but that’s ok.  Neither spouse is always the leader or the follower.  It can be hard enough dealing with your own family!  Being let off the hook with your spouse’s family is often a relief. 

What in-law pearls of wisdom have you learned?


#171: Appreciating other wives September 30, 2011


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I would like to dedicate this post to my dear sister-in-law and friend, Luisa, who is a very good wife.  She recently has become a talented and thrifty decorator, buying things at Goodwill and yard sales and refinishing them herself.  She has decorated many rooms of her big, beautiful home with color, style and panache.  She is an excellent organizer.  Everything is always so neat and tidy.  She sweeps the kitchen every night (why can’t I do this?)  She keeps a very clean home and even makes fresh fruit juice for my nephew.  She does so many things for her family including taking great photos at my nephew’s sporting events.  She walks the dog at the local dog park and is always a cheerful hostess for all of my brother and nephew’s sports-related social events at their house.  She does all this and still makes the time to be a great friend to me!  I love you Luisa!  We all do.  🙂