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#349: Movie Mondays – 3:10 to Yuma May 14, 2012

Year: 2007


Genre: Action/Crime/Drama


Description from http://www.IMDb.com: A small-time rancher agrees to hold a captured outlaw who’s awaiting a train to go to court in Yuma. A battle of wills ensues as the outlaw tries to psych out the rancher.


Wife: I really liked this movie.  I am not a big fan of Westerns, but I do like good movies. I liked both this and the remake of True Grit.  It’s funny that this movie was not categorized as a Western.  I loved the portrayal of father and son and the theme of good and bad men. It drew me in.  I’ve seen it twice now.  It is such a classic.  I have not seen the original but want to.  Plus, it’s got a great title!

Cover of "3:10 to Yuma (Widescreen Editio...


Husband: i liked the movie.  It had  great storyline.  The characters were believable. [OK, my husband said this and I said, “Walter, you say this about every movie.  It’s like you don’t care.”  To which he responded, “Hmmm, you’re catching on.”  Luckily, we only have 2 more movie reviews.  Sorry Walter.]


Husband-Wife Compatibility Rating: 9




#244: My husband’s DVD collection January 12, 2012

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Collections are fascinating to me.  Not just the collection itself but what it is a person collects and why.  I used to collect sunflowers.  Especially kitchen sunflower things.  It got a bit old and I stopped but when I was into it I was really into it.  A friend collects rosaries.  A friend’s husband collects Santas.  My husband collects movies.  I’m not sure he considers it an official collection.  He just likes movies and buys them.  I call it a collection.

I remember the first time I had dinner at his house.  He was making dinner and told me to pick out a movie to watch.  It was amazing that I could look through hundreds of movies and not see anything I wanted to watch.  I barely recognized the movies!  The movies fell into the following categories: science fiction, horror, action, and thrillers.  The first three categories I categorically dislike.  I like thrillers but I guess didn’t know they were thrillers or had already seen them.  Honestly, I think they became infected being around so many detestable sci-fi and horror films.  It was like they were covered in blood and alien juice!  Yuck!

When we moved from an apartment to a townhouse soon after we married, we had no cable for about a week.  Those movies really came in handy.  I think we must have watched a gazillion.  It was the first time I really appreciated “the collection.”  Many times since then we will see a clip from a film and I will say “That looks good” and my husband will say “We have that.”  I’m astonished.  It just goes to show you that it’s best to have an open mind.  Before I met my husband I had never seen Independence Day (which I liked).  I had never watched the X-Files (love) or Law & Order (double love!).  I must admit, I appreciate my husband’s movie collection and it is one of the things I love about being married!


#235: Assassin in Love December 29, 2011

Cover of "Sneakers (Collector's Edition)&...

Cover of Sneakers (Collector's Edition)

Cover of "In Bruges"
Cover of In Bruges


I’ve talked before about good movies for traditional couples where the man likes action thrillers and the woman likes chick flicks and romance. This morning while getting ready for work, I found the perfect movie. I didn’t get to watch the whole thing because I was getting ready but I saw enough to know that it was perfect.

When it was over, I said to my husband, “This is the perfect movie for us because it involves an assassin, there’s action and a love story, and it takes place in a cute little town in Ireland. It’s funny and serious and it’s got good writing and actors.”  Then I said “What’s it called?”  He said “Assassin In Love.”  Isn’t that the perfect husband and wife movie?  🙂  Curiously, it is unclear whether the movie is called The Baker or Assassin In Love.  But what’s in a name, right?  

The movie is classified as a comedy thriller.  Maybe this is a generally good genre for husbands and wives.  Other movies classified this way that we have seen are: In Bruges, Sneakers, Sweeny Todd, and The Truth About Charlie.  These all worked pretty well for both of us although I wasn’t crazy about Sneakers.  I haven’t done much research on this genre but will do more.  Comedy thrillers.  Who knew?  

I think I might do a new segment on my blog called Movie Mondays where I talk about a movie we’ve seen and rate it from the husband and wife perspectives.  What do you think?

What genres or movies do you think work well for husbands and wives?