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#212: Surprise Pizza from Vace November 30, 2011

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Pizza al taglio at Trastevere in Rome

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I like to think of myself as a foodie.  Not a fanatical foodie but a foodie nevertheless.  I love food!  I love  to eat it, of course, but I love to read about it, talk about it, write about it, look at it, cook it, and think about it.  Not like “Gee I’m hungry” kind of thinking but “How do we conceptualize our food” kind of thinking.  I also like watching cooking and restaurant shows.  I read lots of food blogs too. 

My husband is not a foodie but he does like to eat.  So I don’t have to twist his arm to try new restaurants.  Many times when we travel I have new places for us to try.  They are not usually fancy.  The last time we went to Denver we ate at a Jewish deli called, quite simply, The Bagel Deli & Restaurant.  I found it on the Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Excellent bagel with lox and cream cheese.  

When we went to Birmingham last week, we tried to go to Niki’s West.  I read in Southern Living magazine that they had the best collard greens ever.  Unfortunately for us, they were closed for the entire Thanksgiving holiday.  Next time.

There is an Italian deli in Cleveland Park called Vace that has the best pizza, pasta, sauces, etc.  My husband had never been there so I decided a couple of weeks ago to surprise him by bringing home some of Vace’s homemade pizza.  Not the best idea.  It was Friday night, I was tired after a long week.  I took the subway to Cleveland Park, walked a block from the subway, lugging my work bag, ordered the pizza, and waited.  Then I walked another block back, with my heavy bag and now two boxes of pizza, got on a crowded subway and took the train to Shady Grove, where my husband was waiting.  I was irritable because I’m usually irritable on Friday night on the subway and now I had two boxes of hot pizza on my lap.  I tried to put myself in a better mood – after all, I was trying to do something fun and nice for my husband.  I walked up to the car, got in, sat down and my husband said, “Did you get drinks?”  That almost put me over the edge but I was good and simply said,  “No.”

Long story short, we stopped to get some sodas, went home and enjoyed our pizza.  It was good and I love you Vace but Pizza Bolis would have worked just fine.  🙂 


#211: Remembering Our Wedding Day November 29, 2011

When we stood there repeating our vows, we faced each other holding hands.  There were tears in our eyes.  I was struck by the seriousness of our undertaking and certain I was doing the right thing.  It was a bright day in May and God was smiling.

We will always have that memory.  Time will pass but in my mind and heart I can still see two people entering into that ancient bond.  Like that first marriage between Adam and Eve, ordained by God. 


#210: Silence is Golden November 28, 2011

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Sleep mask

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I’m on a plane with my sleep mask and earplugs beginning a 2 hour flight to Birmingham.  I’m sure my husband is thrilled that I’ll be sleeping, not talking.  We haven’t taken off yet.  For the last 5-10 minutes I’ve been trying to fall asleep.  After 15 unsuccessful minutes, I pull down the mask, look at my husband and say “I can’t fall asleep.”  He looks at me and says “Don’t give up so easily.  Hang in there.”  🙂





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#209: Home for the holidays November 27, 2011

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We spent Thanksgiving with my husband’s brother and wife. We see them once a year, usually this time of year. I like seeing my husband with his brother. They love each other. I imagine them as children. I am very close to my brother and understand how meaningful the sibling relationship can be. I hear stories about their childhood – like when my brother-in-law used to steal my husband’s bottle, drink all the milk and hand him back an empty bottle. No one quite understands who you are like a brother or sister. They know intimately where you grew up, how you grew up. They know what it was like to grow up under your parents with their own set of gifts and flaws. And although no relationship is all roses, you leave being glad you had another chance to see them. I’m glad that I was able to contribute to their having a good time together: by doing little things like playing hostess in our hotel room, serving little snacks, taking lots of pictures for a photo book, and trying to shut up while they watched football (major sacrifice).

My husband means the world to me and his relationship with his brother is precious. Thank God for families and love.


#208: Happy Thanksgiving! November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving oven

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I love this time of year.  The time to count your blessings.  I have so many.  I have been blessed with a loving God, a wonderful husband, a beautiful son, good health, a great career, and caring family and friends.  I am having a ball blogging and am grateful for another day with my sweet husband.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


November 23rd – Last day to nominate blogs for Top 10 Marriage Blogs of 2011! November 22, 2011

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