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#188: My husband makes me funnier October 26, 2011

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I get to be way more funny married to my husband. I feel a bit like a cheater. I share lots of funny things he does or says on my blog, and yet I get credit for it.  When people think these things are funny, I feel guilty.  He says he’s ok with me taking the credit but I still feel bad.  In all fairness to myself, I do write the blog posts, and it was my ears and eyes that captured my husband being funny. My brain remembers his funniness. So I guess there is a lot of me too. Besides, I am reasonably funny. I really like to make people laugh. The other thing about me is that people often think I’m funny when I’m not trying to be funny. Sometimes I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m a bit conflicted. But bottom line, I like to make people laugh so if I unintentionally make people laugh I’m still pleased.

Laughing feels good. That’s why I always laugh at my own jokes. And that’s why I like to make other people laugh.  Thank you husband for helping me make people laugh. Being funnier is yet another of the joys of being married!


#80: Someone to tease me June 3, 2011

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I am not really one to take herself too seriously but I can be just as stressed out as the next person.  They say laughter heals and I believe it.  My husband makes me laugh so much.  I can feel myself healing.  If I stumble or stutter or make a mistake he is there to point it out and make me laugh.  Laughing at oneself is healthy.  It helps you to remember that nothing is really that important.  There are so few things we  do that actually have serious consequences.  We sweat the small stuff so often.  Having someone to tease me means that I keep things in the right perspective and it also helps to keep me humble and I need humility!


#63: Laughing with my husband May 6, 2011

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Doesn’t laughing feel good?  It makes you shine all over.  And it is clinically proven that it heals you.

We laugh all the time.  We are always cracking each other up.  My husband is very funny and I am a goof ball.  So there is lots of laughter in our home. 

Here’s something funny.  So you know how I started the 30 day husband encouragement challenge yesterday?  Well, I’m not supposed to say anything negative to him.  Yesterday he either made me mad or did something silly and I called him dumb.  But, I followed it up with “But I mean that in the most encouraging way.”  🙂

Have a blessed day!