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#361: Our Song – “Your Smile” May 26, 2012

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We’ve almost been married 5 years now and we have no song.  No song as in “our song.”  Call me corny but I want to have a song for us.  A couple of years ago my husband suggested Your Smile by Rene and Angela.  I guess I wasn’t excited about it because it wasn’t a favorite.  I told my husband recently that I wanted us to have a song.  This morning at Zumba they played Stand By Me.  I thought that might work.  I told him about it after and he thought it was corny.  I explained it’s about us standing by each other.  He said that’s a given, we are supposed to stand by each other, we are married.  He said the song should have some meaning.  He suggested a Burning Spear song – the one I played the first time I went to his house.  I said, “They will never play that at a wedding.  I want a song where we’ll be sitting and it will come on and I can say “Come on, they’re playing our song.”  I asked him why he liked Your Smile.  He said because when he first saw me walk into that Starbucks 7 years ago I was smiling.  And I was smiling in the first picture he saw of me.  And that he loves my smile and fell in love with that smile.

Hmmmm.  Sounds like a pretty good reason for a song.  I can’t think of a better one.  So, ladies and gentlemen it’s official.  The Dunsons finally have a song, and here it is:


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