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May 18, 2012

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Blissful Epoch

This day each year…I wonder….
who was made first?
ME or HIM?
We had to be together….
This is just our trial phase and seems we would clear the same
SO , there would be many more ahead…at least 7 more…JANAMS!! Tuchwud…silver…gold..platinum
So, Dear Lord, whom did you make first ?
ME or HIM?
Did you make me and keep me aside….with the awesome thought of sending him first…
or, did you make him first…and peeping down some years later, you got the list
the list of what should be ME…for HIM!!
One of the most blessed days of my life…
This day…when YOU were born…for me
Thanks Lord…..for the firstest day of our destined togetherness on Earth!!
A very very happy Birthday sweetheart…
I love you…every moment, as if it were the first
Love you till infinity…. and the graph’s gonna rise ….. like old age
You are not…

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