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#335: Movie Mondays – Pride and Glory April 30, 2012

Year: 2008

Genre: Crime/Drama/Thriller

Description from http://www.IMDb.com: A saga centered on a multi-generational family of New York City Police officers. The family’s moral codes are tested when Ray Tierney, investigates a case that reveals an incendiary police corruption scandal involving his own brother-in-law. For Ray, the truth is revelatory, a Pandora’s Box that threatens to upend not only the Tierney legacy but the entire NYPD.

Wife: I like crime shows.  Being a Law & Order, this was right up my alley.  Although I thought it was a god movie, I had a hard time liking it.  The subject was disturbing and sometimes hard to watch.  I like Ed Norton and thought he did a great job.  It was a little long but maybe it just felt that way because we started it too late!

Husband:  It was a good film but I found it to be disturbing.  I was happy with the outcome.

Husband-Wife Compatibility Rating: 7.5

”]Cover of "Pride and Glory [Blu-ray]"

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