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#292: Commitment March 18, 2012

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This blog is about marriage.  Marriage is a big commitment.  This blog is a little commitment.  I have to admit that sometimes I get a bit tired of it.  I’ve been at it for almost two years.  I told my husband I was looking forward to stopping when I get to #365.  He said the blog is a labor of love.  It certainly is.  It is a commitment just like marriage.  Not as big of course. This blog is a commitment I made to myself.  I started this blog for a variety of reasons: to promote my book, to uplift marriage, and to practice writing.  What I didn’t realize is how much I would learn from it.  About myself.  About marriage. I also didn’t realize it would improve my marriage.  I think it’s all this focus on the positive, on what I love about being married in general and to my husband specifically.

I am at post #291.  I have 74 more posts to get to 365.  I won’t stop before 365.  I’m not a quitter.  Maybe it’s just my way of working myself up to say goodbye.

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5 Responses to “#292: Commitment”

  1. You CAN’T say goodbye! Not by a long shot! Take a break if you must but as you grow in marriage, you will find so many aspects of it that would be worth sharing, worth remembering, worth celebrating – most of all worth spreading the good news of the commitment two people make to walk through all the worlds of God together. Karyl, thank you for being a blessing to many even if it’s just for your stand for marriage. HUGS.

  2. You have some great stuff here. Keep up the good work!

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