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#285: Happy Valentine’s Day from my husband March 11, 2012

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My husband sent me this lovely flower box for Valentine’s Day.  Aren’t they pretty? He likes to send living arrangements as opposed to cut flowers.  They may not last a whole year but at least half a year.  He sent me a potted rose last year that made it about 9-10 months.  I should have brought it home and planted it in the yard but by that time it was tall and gangly with thorns.  Not a great match for the subway.

Now each day at work, I get to garden, look at and enjoy my flowers, and think about the sweet man who sent them to me.  Thank you Walter!  Love you!  🙂


2 Responses to “#285: Happy Valentine’s Day from my husband”

  1. Sexy Christian Wife Says:

    Those are so pretty and they fit perfectly in your windowsill.

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