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#280: Divorce is not an option March 6, 2012

'Til Death

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Marriage vows are a solemn promise before God.  The love between a husband and wife is symbolic of God’s love and God’s love is eternal.  Marriage is a lifetime commitment – til death us do part.

The best way to prevent divorce is to not believe in it.  If you simply do not see divorce as an option, when times get rough you don’t even consider going down that road.

My husband tells me all the time, I will never leave you.  I tell him the same.  When I tell him I will never leave him it is because I see our marriage as between God, him, and me.  I can never leave God.  When I get terribly mad at my husband, I never bring up divorce.  I honestly do not believe in divorce.  I am married for life.


10 Responses to “#280: Divorce is not an option”

  1. mkultra76 Says:

    I 1000% agree. 🙂 Nice!

  2. […] Divorce Is Not An Option – This blog provides glimpses into the thoughts and interactions between a husband and wife. It is funny, real and encouraging too. […]

  3. I couldn’t agree more. I blogged about exactly the same idea in this post. Well said!

  4. Completely disagree. What if your in an abusive relationship? What if you argue all the time? Divorce isn’t nice but sometimes is the least worst option

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