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#276: Coffee Mug March 2, 2012

Platform at Cleveland Park Metro

Platform at Cleveland Park Metro (Photo credit: Kevin H.)

Uptown Movie Theater Washington DC, 2008

Image via Wikipedia

Soon after we married, we went to see a movie on the big screen at the Uptown Theater in Cleveland Park.  We were early and needed to kill some time.  So we went across the street to the decorate your own pottery place.  My husband painted an over-sized coffee mug the most beautiful color.  It’s a purple-pink-plum color with a gold shimmer.  I love it and have kind of stolen it – if you can slightly steal something.  It has disappeared from our house and now lives in my office.  I use it sometimes but mostly I just marvel at it as a piece of art.  🙂 


8 Responses to “#276: Coffee Mug”

  1. mkultra76 Says:

    Awesome mug! I love the paint-your-own pottery places. My daughter and I spend a lot of time there. 🙂

  2. Sexy Christian Wife Says:

    That’s pretty, our paint your own pottery stuff never turns out that nice.

    • Karyl Says:

      It’s funny. Simpler is better with many things, including pottery. I always go for some intricate design and often fail! 🙂 Next time I’m going to do a red bowl. Or a yellow bowl with blue stripe. You get the idea.

  3. Katy Says:

    A wonderful keepsake. I love those pottery places.

  4. Luisa Says:

    I think Walter needs to explore his artistic side. Very nice. I want one too.

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