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#271: Come look at Bella! February 24, 2012

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“Come look at Bella!” I said to my husband.  Bella, one of our two cats, was in my closet sitting on the floor looking so cute.  She’s not supposed to be in my closet because she likes to use it as a bathroom.  That made it extra funny and cute to me. It was like she was just sitting there quietly thinking I wouldn’t notice. I like to point out funny and cute things to my husband (in order that he’s never deprived).  So, as he was walking out of the bedroom I said,  “Come look at Bella!”  He did not look amused.  As he walked over towards the closet he said, “She better be juggling or something.”

That husband.  🙂


4 Responses to “#271: Come look at Bella!”

  1. Beautiful Bella! Lucky cat 🙂

  2. Christopher Says:

    I’m with husband on this one…a cat needs to learn a trade or something to get my attention

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