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#269: 70’s Commercial February 22, 2012

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Kissing in the FieldRemember those commercials from the 70’s with the couple in the summer field running towards each other ending in a warm and loving embrace?  Well I have one of those stories.  Almost.  Last night husband  and I met at a metro stop on the platform. When I got off the train I looked for him on the platform.  At first I didn’t see him, but then further down the platform, as if through the mist, he appeared.  He looked so handsome in his blue coat and red scarf.  Although we walked to each other, not ran, it was a sweet moment. It ended in a warm and loving embrace.

The morning after when we woke up, I said “I was so happy to see you on the platform.”

He said, “When I saw you I said `Oh no. It’s my wife.'”

Just like the commercial.  🙂


2 Responses to “#269: 70’s Commercial”

  1. *eye roll* haha- sounds like what my hubs would respond with!

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