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#264: The Wife of Noble Character February 9, 2012

The wife of noble character that we find in Proverbs 31 has the following qualities:

  • She has unusual character
  • She is completely trustworthy
  • She is hard-working
  • She is wise
  • She is generous
  • She instructs faithfully
  • She is godly

When I think of a wife of noble character and the ideal wife, I think of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She was giving, kind and loving.  She was reserved and pleasant.  She was peaceful and calm.  She was humble yet confident.  Most importantly she was godly and turned herself and her life over to God’s will with willingness and acceptance.  This is the kind of woman I strive to be and I ask Our Lady to pray for me to the Lord our God that I am a godly wife and mother.

Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary (Photo credit: Dshalock® the Libertarian Emperor of America)


3 Responses to “#264: The Wife of Noble Character”

  1. mkultra76 Says:

    I like this. But I must confess that while striving to be that Wife of Noble Character and failing miserably at times, there are times when I want to smack her. I know, I know, that’s not very noble. 😉

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