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#248: Limericks January 18, 2012

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A bowl of fish chowder.

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One night we stayed up late telling each other limericks in the dark.  So fun.  My husband knew a few and I immediately wanted to make one up.  I worked on it in my head for at least 15 minutes. 

I said to me husband, “Are you awake?”

He said, “I was drifting off.  You ok?”

“Yes.  I made up a limerick.”

He said, “What is it?”

I told him:

There once was a man named Walder

Whose wife wouldn’t come when he called her

So he yelled a bit louder

“Would you bring me some chowder?”

And she came with a bowl on her shoulder.

I know, it’s not very funny nor is it clever, but have you ever tried to make up one of these?  Not the easiest thing in the world!  Also, unlike the majority of limericks that are in bad taste, mine is G-rated: you can recite it to a child of any age!

Here’s another one I wrote:

There once was a man named Walter

Who hailed from old Gibraltar

He promised me marriage

A house and a carriage

and lived up to his word at the altar.


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