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#241: Movie Mondays – Undercover Blues January 9, 2012

Here it is!  The premier post of Movie Mondays!  The goal of Movie Mondays is to quickly review movies from the husband and wife perspectives and then give the movie a 1-10 husband-wife compatibility score.  My husband and I watch a lot of movies so I think we are just the couple to engage in such important and groundbreaking research and analysis.  🙂

General Description: IMDb.com describes the 1993 film Under Cover Blues as a “A wise-cracking husband and wife team of ex-Spies arrive in New Orleans on maternity leave with their baby girl. There they are hassled by muggers, the police and their FBI boss, who wants them to do just-one-more job.” 

Wife: You may find it peculiar that my debut movie on Movie Mondays is an old one.  I think I picked it because it was on tv recently and it was fresh in my mind.  The funny thing is that I’ve resisted liking it but it really is pretty good.  I also like Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid a lot.  I love that it’s set in New Orleans.  The movie is light, upbeat and funny.  It’s got a mix of romance, comedy and action.  It’s not a love story or anything but it is about a married couple who are new parents.  I think it’s a good movie for couples. 

Husband:  It’s a spy team who happen to be husband and wife.  They just had their first child and are called back into service to stop a female terrorist.  Most of the characters are over the top yet funny.  Muerte, whom they call Morty and is played by Stanley Tucci, spends the entire movie trying to kill the protagonist, Jefferson Blue who defeated him in one of the early robbery scenes. 

Undercover Blues
Image via Wikipedia

Husband-Wife Compatibility Score: 9

Hope you liked the first Movie Monday!  Happy movie watching.


6 Responses to “#241: Movie Mondays – Undercover Blues”

  1. Luisa Says:

    I love this idea. It’s so cool to read your different opinions. Like movie reviewers roger and ebert. Now all you need to add are the thumbs up or down.

  2. Kirsten Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen that flick! I’m going to have to order it from Netflix immediately!! Love your posts!!

  3. betsyk1 Says:

    I wholeheartedly concur. And this is a great movie choice! Love it! Thanks for being a fellow happily married Catholic woman, mom, and blogger!

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