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#235: Assassin in Love December 29, 2011

Cover of "Sneakers (Collector's Edition)&...

Cover of Sneakers (Collector's Edition)

Cover of "In Bruges"
Cover of In Bruges


I’ve talked before about good movies for traditional couples where the man likes action thrillers and the woman likes chick flicks and romance. This morning while getting ready for work, I found the perfect movie. I didn’t get to watch the whole thing because I was getting ready but I saw enough to know that it was perfect.

When it was over, I said to my husband, “This is the perfect movie for us because it involves an assassin, there’s action and a love story, and it takes place in a cute little town in Ireland. It’s funny and serious and it’s got good writing and actors.”  Then I said “What’s it called?”  He said “Assassin In Love.”  Isn’t that the perfect husband and wife movie?  🙂  Curiously, it is unclear whether the movie is called The Baker or Assassin In Love.  But what’s in a name, right?  

The movie is classified as a comedy thriller.  Maybe this is a generally good genre for husbands and wives.  Other movies classified this way that we have seen are: In Bruges, Sneakers, Sweeny Todd, and The Truth About Charlie.  These all worked pretty well for both of us although I wasn’t crazy about Sneakers.  I haven’t done much research on this genre but will do more.  Comedy thrillers.  Who knew?  

I think I might do a new segment on my blog called Movie Mondays where I talk about a movie we’ve seen and rate it from the husband and wife perspectives.  What do you think?

What genres or movies do you think work well for husbands and wives? 


4 Responses to “#235: Assassin in Love”

  1. mkultra76 Says:

    Good question. If you’re into sci-fi or fantasy, there is a plethora of fine movies to watch with a minimum of discussion about it, LOL! We both really like The Lord Of The Rings and The X-Men. Interestingly enough, we both like Steel Magnolias. Go figure.

    • Karyl Says:

      My husband is huge fan of sci-fi. I like some sci-fi like the X-files. We both like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Neither of us like the X-Men but our son loves them. I love Steel Magnolias. I doubt hubby has seen that!

  2. Luisa Says:

    I like the idea of Movie Monday’s. You know how obssessed I am with movies.

    • Karyl Says:

      I’m glad you like it. We do watch a lot of movies but I worry that I won’t have a movie to review every Monday. But I guess I could always review a new movie I haven’t seen based upon other reviews.

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