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#231: Summer memories at Christmas time December 23, 2011

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It seems strange to reminisce about the summer a few days before Christmas and yet I do.  It’s not the weather that reminds me of this particular time but the closeness.  This time of year fosters good will and warmth and I have a very warm memory from the summer.

Last summer we bought a fire pit for the backyard.  One night, before it got dark, we set it up with wood.  We lit it and sat in front of it staring at it and talking.  It was a perfect night.  Not too hot and not too cool.  There was something magical about that moment.  We really connected and talked about our hopes and dreams.  In the business of life, it is rare that we get to take a moment to reflect, wish and dream.  We talked out our goals together in a relaxed setting.  Thank you for indulging me with my summer memory in December! 

One of the two group shelters that include a f...

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