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#230: Couch dancing December 22, 2011

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OK.  How to explain this.  We watch a lot of tv.  And movies.  We hang out on the couch a lot.  When a good song comes on tv, like a commercial or the Law & Order theme song, we do something I like to call couch dancing. Of course, I’m the one who starts it.  I look  at my husband and start bouncing up and down dancing to the beat while seated.  And he usually joins in.  Not all the time.  He likes to feign reluctance.  Couch dancing is the silliest and most fun thing ever.  It ‘s hard not to laugh while doing it.  For those of you who are scared, intimidated or embarrassed to dance on your feet, try couch dancing.  Chances are no one will see you and you have a lot less to lose.  It’s really quite respectable.  🙂


2 Responses to “#230: Couch dancing”

  1. Luisa Says:

    I would love to see a picture of you two doing the couch dance. I think you just started a dance trend. We can call it the Karter (short for Karyl and Walter) dance. Please, please take a picture next time. Just use the timer on your camera or have Garrett take it. I’m sure others would love to see it too. Please join me in encouraging Karyl to post a picture.

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