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#227: To tv or not to tv, that is the question December 19, 2011

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Sometimes there is a problem at our house.  I am ready to go to bed and I like to read before I fall asleep.  Ideally, the room is dark except for the lamp on my nightstand.  The room is also quiet.  The perfect backdrop to quietly reading the Bible or my latest book.

My husband likes to get into bed and turn on the tv.  If he watches something that I don’t like – like football or any other sport – I’m ok.  I’m pretty good at ignoring it.  If he turns on Law & Order, something I love, it’s really hard to focus on my reading.

When you share a bedroom with someone, it can be difficult to resolve these kinds of differences.  How do you compromise?  Carefully.  Sometimes I get my way, sometimes he gets his.  And somehow it works out.  But sometimes there is a lingering bit of discontent on both our parts.  But would we have it any other way?  No!

Do you have a similar issue in your marriage?  How did you resolve it?


4 Responses to “#227: To tv or not to tv, that is the question”

  1. luisa Says:

    Buy a pair of head phones made for tv. It works great and if you have to sleep on the opposite side.

  2. we’ve outlawed the tv in the bedroom! and for reading, I got a reader with a backlight, because i too like to read at night, and the sidetable light bugs the hubby. we both sleep so much better with this arrangement!

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