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#224: The Grinch Who Married Cindy Lou Who December 14, 2011


I often joke that a great Halloween costume for my husband and me would be the Grinch and little Cindy Lou Who.  Of course, I would be Cindy Lou.  My husband is a bit Grinch-like.  He is not always merry.  He can be a bit grouchy.  And serious.  I on the other hand am the “why can’t everyone just get along” type who lives in a world where hope springs eternal.  We are the perfect match in that way and I’ve posted about it before.  At Christmas time these roles become clear again. I want to over decorate, my husband would rather not.  So you can imagine my amazement recently when I asked my husband to help me hang wreaths on the 3 windows on the side of our house.  He said he would go to Home Depot to get hooks for the wreaths and asked me to pick up 2 more wreaths for the front windows.  What?  Get more wreaths?  Am I rubbing off on him?  I may have to take back that Bah Humbug hat I got him!


One Response to “#224: The Grinch Who Married Cindy Lou Who”

  1. luisa Says:

    I love the simplicity of your decoration. The wreaths look great.

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