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#220: New Amusement Park Ride Called Grinding Coffee December 8, 2011

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The Rock-O-Plane ride in Oak's Park in Portlan...

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Last weekend we did a Trader Joe’s run.  When we get their ad, I always enjoy reading about all their products.  They have good writers and it’s almost like reading short stories.  It reminds me of the J. Peterman catalog.  I often read the TJ’s ad and see things I’d like to try but seldom make it to the store.  This time I decided we would go because I wanted to get some things for a couple of holiday dinners I’m planning.

While we were there I decided to get some coffee.  It was whole bean and needed to be ground.  I thought that grinding would be a fun activity for my husband since he likes machines.  I handed the can to him and said, “Would you please grind this for us?” and went off to finish up the shopping.  When he found me and put the can in the cart I asked him “Did you have fun grinding the coffee?”  He said, “Yeah. It was like an amusement park ride.”



4 Responses to “#220: New Amusement Park Ride Called Grinding Coffee”

  1. my hubby only likes the whole beans…I’m pretty sure it’s because he enjoys grinding them! haha!

  2. luisa Says:

    funny. If Seinfield ever comes back on, Walter should be a guest appearance. They could write a script about not being racist because they have the one friend, Walter.

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