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#219: Ask him about the card December 7, 2011

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Greeting Card Birthday 1840

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From time to time we send things to my husband’s brother.  A birthday card.  A gift.  A Christmas card.  Usually it’s a card.  After we send it, I always want to make sure he’s received it.  My husband and his brother talk on the phone often.  So if there’s an an outstanding card, I will ask my husband while he’s on the phone to “Ask your brother about the card.”  or “Ask him about the card.”  My husband’s brother talks a lot like me and often it’s hard for my husband to get a word in.  So he has me on one end saying “Ask him about the card” and his brother on the other end talking away and it is quite frustrating for my husband.  But luckily, many frustrating things become humorous over time, if you are smart enough to let them.  My husband is smart so this has become a little joke for us.  “Ask him about the card.”  🙂


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