I Love This Husband & Wife Stuff


#217: Fine as Frog’s Hair and other Walterisms December 5, 2011



There are a few things my husband tends to say or quote over and over.  And over. Let’s call them Walterisms. One of them is a quote from Marcus Aurelius.  Aurelius was a Roman general and emperor known for his stoic philosophy and many believed he wrote his philosophy before going to war.  The quote my husband favors is: “Abide always by the first impressions and add nothing of your own from within.”  My husband is a bit of a nerd but so am I.  I learn a lot from him.  Although I am not big fan of stoic military philosophy, I admit that going with your first impression is usually well-served.  In return, I teach my husband about things I enjoy such as flowers.  He can now correctly identify crocuses and pansies. 🙂

Here are 3 other Walterisms:

  1. Happy as a gopher in soft dirt.
  2. As right as the mail.
  3. Fine as frog’s hair. (Have you ever seen a frog’s hair?  It’s mighty fine).

One day, my husband will make a wonderful grandpa.  🙂


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