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#217: How do you hang your mistletoe? December 4, 2011

I decorated for Christmas over the weekend.  How you go about decorating for Christmas (and whether you decorate at all) depends upon your culture, upbringing, and personal taste.  My husband and I have been married for four years so we are still reconciling our decorating differences.  When you marry, just like you have to meld your everyday styles of furniture and decor, you have to do the same with decorating for holidays.

Let’s take Christmas trees for instance.  I like a real tree, preferably cut down myself from a tree farm.  (I don’t go so far as to want to go up a mountain and cut one down as my Colorado brother suggested).  Those tree farms also serve hot chocolate and cookies.  It’s all about the snacks.  My husband would rather have a fake tree that you get out and assemble – no outing, no watering, no needles everywhere, no drama.  But alas, no glorious pine smell!  The compromise? We got a real tree this year from Home Depot.  After Christmas we are going to get a fake tree on sale.  I want one with lights already built-in.  I hate putting on lights and trying to hide them.  Although we will usually go with the artificial tree, any time I want to get a real one, I can.

Anyway, there are a gazillion things like this: how to wrap presents (gift boxes or bags), how far to go with decorating (decorating lite or over the top), outside lights or not, etc.  For me, Christmas is all about tradition.  I love looking at my collection of ornaments.  I have a couple I made as a child.  They are wooden and I painted them.  I have my son’s baby’s first Christmas ornament and I also hang his first pair of hard shoes and his baby cup from the tree.  There are the ornaments we have started collecting since we met.  The 2006 ornament from our first Christmas together.  The Montreal ornament we bought while we were on our honeymoon.  The Minnie and Mickey Mouse sitting inside a giant wedding ring that we got in Disney World when we were newlyweds.  We are creating our own Christmas memories now and we are doing that by squashing my likes into his likes and ending up with “our.”  You see “mine” + “mine” = “ours.”   “Ours” may not be exactly what you think you want, but it is exactly what you need.


4 Responses to “#217: How do you hang your mistletoe?”

  1. luisa Says:

    I can’t believe you don’t appreciate going to the mountains cutting down a tree like chevy chase in xmas vacation. What an insult. LOL. We’ve gotten to mature ( I don’t mean that in a bad way. Mature sounds better than old) to do it anymore. I miss the hot chocolate and the odd people who do go.

    • Karyl Says:

      Thanks for all your comments Luisa! I’m glad you like the photos – I agree they are a good addition. I hope I can keep it up. Please keep sending me you all your photography tips – I need them. And thanks for being such a faithful reader and supporter of my blog! It means a lot to me. 🙂

  2. awomanforhim Says:

    Love this post! I always had a live Christmas tree growing up, and my husband always had an artificial one. We went to artificial the first year we were married (it made more sense: we were busy, fire hazard in the apartment, etc.), but it was a little weird that first year, but not so much after that. However, a few years ago we got a pre-lit artificial tree — now I’m a total convert! (I do still use my “fresh balsam” candle from Bath and Body Works, though, for the smell — it’s actually a pretty good replication.) The rest of our style works pretty well together. Lots of Christmas ornaments and lights everywhere!

    • Karyl Says:

      I’m glad you liked it! Even though we have a live tree now, I still have the Balsam Fir candle going. Can’t get enough pine scent! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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