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#215: Hearing him sing December 3, 2011

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I love to sing.  It has nothing to do with talent, I have always enjoyed erupting into song.  My voice is good enough to sing on a choir and be drowned out by stronger more melodious voices, but other than in the shower or in the car, I’m not a soloist.

My husband does not like to sing.  He also believes that he cannot sing well.

It turns out that as far as singing ability goes, we are about the same.  He may even be better than me.  Why do we view our singing so differently?  I grew up in a house of nonsingers.  Hearing them sing, I thought I was gifted!  My husband’s father was a professional singer.  His Dad was in two gospel music bands including the Soul Stirrers.  My husband’s Mom also sang beautifully and led the church choir.  His younger brother had a lovely voice and even his older brother could sing.  Walter may have had the weakest voice but he can still sing!

It just goes to show you the power of relativity.  Einstein knew what he was talking about.

Walter doesn’t sing much but there is one song he will sing along to and it’s the Randy Newman theme song for the show Monk.  I swear, he does the best rendition ever of “It’s a jungle out there.”  And I am the lucky one who gets to hear him.  🙂


4 Responses to “#215: Hearing him sing”

  1. mkultra76 Says:

    I love the theme to Monk. It cracks me up! For the most part, I don’t sing unless I am alone–my husband is the singer in this house. He does solos at church all the time–he’s pretty fantastic! When he breaks out into a country/western style hymn ala Randy Travis, he’s at his best!

    • Karyl Says:

      I could totally see you liking the Monk song. As I’ve mentioned, you remind me of my husband. He has a cynical, paranoid, grouchy side and I think you do too! 🙂

      Karyl Dunson

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