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Please vote for I LOVE THIS HUSBAND & WIFE STUFF! November 28, 2011

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First of all, thank you to all of you who nominated I Love This Husband & Wife Stuff.  We are on the ballot!  Second, thank you to Stupendous Marriage for running this contest.  Please visit Stupendous Marriage to see a full list of nominees with descriptions of the various blogs.  If you are interested in marriage blogs, please visit the sites.  There really are a lot of good ones.  I have some of them on my blogroll already and plan to add more.  Yes, this is a contest.  Yes, I want to win.  But there are many ways to win.  One of the ways I’ve already won is being part of this awesome community of marriage bloggers! 

To vote, follow the link below.  Select your favorite.  Click send.

You have until December 4th at midnight to vote for your favorite!

The top 10 Marriage Blog List will be published on December 5th.

To vote, please CLICK HERE!  Thanks!


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