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#206: The Queen of random November 21, 2011

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I tend to be perceived as a random person.  For example, I will be with a group of people who are talking about the weather.  Seemingly out of nowhere I will blurt out “And there’s a sale going on at Macy’s.”  I say out of nowhere but it really isn’t.  It’s from my mind, which is actually a very orderly and rational place.  Let me explain.  While they were discussing the weather, I was thinking about whether I had my umbrella with me because it was supposed to rain.  I was imagining my bag and looking for my umbrella in there.  Then I thought, well if it’s not in there, I can always run over to Macy’s and get one – you can never have too many umbrellas.  Which reminded me that there was a one day sale going on at Macy’s.  Which I then blurted out.  See?  It makes perfect sense when you hear the full story.  Alas, they did not hear the full story and thought that I was random.  It all depends on your perspective.

Anyway, it’s this sort of behavior that has earned me the title Queen of Random in our house.  My husband says I’m the kind of person that would call him on the phone and say “That’s what he said.”  And he will say “Who?  What are you talking about?”  In other words, the Queen of Random. 

Collapsed umbrellas

3 Responses to “#206: The Queen of random”

  1. luisa Says:

    I am called ping pong brain for similar reason with one exception. Mine isn’t rational. I think it is called boredom. I can’t stick to one topic for more than a few minutes. My mind likes to jump all over the place rational or not. Usually not. I just jump from topic to topic with no apparent rythm or reason. I like Random mind but ping pong suits me fine.

  2. Karyl Says:

    As Walter says, “A mind is a terrible thing.” 🙂

  3. […] leaves the 7 random things about me.  First of all, see my post called The Queen of Random.  Seeing that I actually had a post of that name, coming up with 7 random things about me […]

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