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#203: Representing my husband November 16, 2011

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As my husband’s wife, I represent him out in the world.  This is an honor and a privilege.  It is also a responsibility.  We are one.  I am him. I am a reflection of him. My behavior should be upright and deserving of him.  I should carry myself in a way that is positive: I should act like a lady, speak well of him, and dress appropriately and modestly.  Taking his name is not a superficial thing.  It is a representation that we were joined together and that we are a unit, the marital unit. I take this seriously.


2 Responses to “#203: Representing my husband”

    • Karyl Says:

      I’m glad you agree. It’s a big task. My husband said to me in the car the other day that he represents me too. That’s the way it is with marriage.

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