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#202: Balance November 15, 2011

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The first decision I had to make about my blog was the theme or topic. Clearly I wanted to write about marriage. I wanted to uplift it and honor it. The next decision was how. I didn’t consciously consider these things. Some of it evolved. I bet this is true with other blogs as well. I had to find my voice. I was so uncomfortable at first, as if I were in a new environment. And I was. Blogging is still quite new to me.

Yes, this blog is about marriage but there are many blogs about marriage. There are funny ones, complain-ey ones, blogs about infidelity, professional blogs by marriage counselors. Mine is sometimes funny but sometimes serious. I try to write from the heart and spirit and bring God into my blog. I also write posts with specific people in mind. I will see a friend or family member struggling with an issue and I may secretly write a post for them. I hope I’m not too obvious. But the point is, I strive for balance. Not every day or every post, but on average. Balance is something I strive for in all aspects of my life, including this blog.



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