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#199: Being welcomed November 10, 2011

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The Villa Park Neighborhood of Denver, Colorado.

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The other night, we went to a welcome reception for people new to our neighborhood. My husband’s not much into these things but he humored me.  He is the loner and the rebel of the family.   I am the social butterfly.  A few weeks ago we attended our first homeowners’ association meeting.  Other than the board members, there were four people including us. One person is someone we know from the neighborhood. He had told us about the meeting and asked us to come. He is a very committed resident who sincerely brought up many concerns. The other person I will call the Lorax, because she speaks for the trees.  (I am the Lorax – I speak for the trees.)  She brought several pictures of trees in the neighborhood which she patiently showed to each board member.  I don’t know how often we will go to these meetings but I’m glad we showed our faces. If we have concerns in the future, we will know where to go.

As for the welcome reception, we went, and we were welcomed. I told my husband, “I like being welcomed.”  He responded, “Of course you do.  You love a parade”. 

The Lorax

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