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#194: He’s writing another book November 3, 2011

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International Library of Children's Literature

My husband is working on a professional, non-fiction book now.  It’s not his first. I think that’s so cool. He inspired me to write my first book and I hope to write others. My second book is a children’s book about pies. I tried to illustrate it myself but wasn’t happy with the quality of the pictures.  At some point I’d like to shop my book around with different publishers and find an illustrator that way. I have a friend that wrote a children’s book and found her own illustrator.  Her book is wonderful and I can’t wait to see it in its finished form.

Writing is so much fun.  I’d love to write a novel some day.  At the moment, this blog is my biggest writing baby. It keeps me satisfied and I fuss over it as if it were a newborn. It’s already a toddler!

I admire my husband for being such a determined and committed writer and thank him for all his inspiration and encouragement.


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