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#192: He keeps me from being the weird lady who gives out raisins on Halloween November 1, 2011

So, yesterday was Halloween at our house and other houses.  We gave out lots of candy.  After I bought all the candy this year, I started seeing articles and blog posts about giving out healthier alternatives: pretzels, granola bars, graham crackers, cookies.  And, raisins.   Many people, including my husband, think that giving anything other than candy on Halloween is just plain wrong, sacrilegious even.  And of all the healthier alternatives, raisins appear to be the most despised.  Could it be because they are the healthiest?  To my husband, giving out raisins is like giving out carrots – or oatmeal.  He’s worried about my reputation in the neighborhood and his as well, by association.  My son also turned up his nose when I mentioned the R word. 

I guess they are right.  Halloween is about candy.  So why be the weird one?  I found this funny article entitled People Who Give Out Raisins on Halloween Are Terrorists.  I sent the link to my husband knowing he would agree and appreciate it.  He replied saying only the following: Repeat three times:  “Listen to the husband.  The husband is wise”.

Single raisin (a dried grape)

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2 Responses to “#192: He keeps me from being the weird lady who gives out raisins on Halloween”

  1. Domestiç Reclusë Says:

    Whhhattt? Turn down raisins?! I’ll take ’em — preferably with a chocolate coating. *Raisinets* 😉

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