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#188: My husband makes me funnier October 26, 2011

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I get to be way more funny married to my husband. I feel a bit like a cheater. I share lots of funny things he does or says on my blog, and yet I get credit for it.  When people think these things are funny, I feel guilty.  He says he’s ok with me taking the credit but I still feel bad.  In all fairness to myself, I do write the blog posts, and it was my ears and eyes that captured my husband being funny. My brain remembers his funniness. So I guess there is a lot of me too. Besides, I am reasonably funny. I really like to make people laugh. The other thing about me is that people often think I’m funny when I’m not trying to be funny. Sometimes I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m a bit conflicted. But bottom line, I like to make people laugh so if I unintentionally make people laugh I’m still pleased.

Laughing feels good. That’s why I always laugh at my own jokes. And that’s why I like to make other people laugh.  Thank you husband for helping me make people laugh. Being funnier is yet another of the joys of being married!


3 Responses to “#188: My husband makes me funnier”

  1. Candyce Says:

    I love it! “My brain remembers his funniness” priceless.

    • karyl33 Says:

      Glad you liked it. It’s funny – I didn’t really think this was the greatest post but I got a lot of “likes.” Just goes to show you, what I think is funny may not be funny to others, and what I don’t think is funny, may be. Takes all kinds to make a world. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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